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    NCS-11/PNP Spot Special

    NEGELE was founded in Egg, Gunz, Germany in 1978. It specializes in the production of hygienic instruments and control components for the wine, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. With the accumulation of experience, NEGELE's products have attracted widespread attention, and many mainstream manufacturers are increasingly relying on quality certification from Bavarian engineering authorities. NEGELE designs and produces the latest instrumentation and control products for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

    NCS-11/PNP spot special product features:

    It is used for liquid level detection of dielectric constant εr (Dk) ≥ 2, low water content or non-aqueous medium in syrup, fruit concentrate, alcohol and oil.

    Mainly used in: liquid level detection of containers or pipelines, product monitoring in pipelines, dry transfer protection of pumps, detection of syrups and fruit concentrates.

    Advantages: capacitive measurement principle, not affected by conductivity, extremely short response time (<1s), reserved cable gland position, output can be reversed (full/empty effective), heating circuit can avoid the formation of condensate, no Affected by foam and viscous medium, the sensor state is simulated.

    NCS-11/PNP spot special price main parameters:

    Material: Stainless steel 1.4305 (303) induction probe PEEK

    Weight: about 500g

    Working pressure: Max 10bar

    Protection level: IP69K (with M12 electrical connection plug)

    Power supply: 16-32VDC

    Output: PNP or NPN

    Temperature: up to 150℃

    Measuring range: NCS-X1 DK≥20

    NCS-02 DK≥5

    NCS-12 DK≥2

    NCS-11/PNP spot special price main parameters

    NCS series model: (NWM series)

    NCS-11/PNP spot